Theresa Byrnes
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Curriculum Vitae

DOB: 1969 Sydney, Australia

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2015 MUDBIRD, a return to the beginnings. TBG, NYC
2014 "SPARROW HEART Sydney", new painting. Janet Clayton Gallery, Sydney Australia
2013 "SPARROW HEART", new painting. Suffer, NYC
2012 "Dust To Dust", paintings & screening SUFFER & Rogue Space, NYC
2011 "Dirty Glamour", Suffer, NYC
2010 "Nest", Wilson Street Gallery, Australia
2009 "Revolution Revolve", rogue space, New York, New York
2009 "NEST", Williamsburg, New York
2008 "Changelings", Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney Australia
2007 "Beings",rogue space, New York, New York
2006 "New York to Sydney", Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney Australia
2006 "Sydney to New York", Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
2005 "Fractals of Thought", Australian Embassy, Washington DC USA
2004 "Tantric Painting", Theatre For the New City, New York
2003 "La Bomb", performance and works on paper, Photo-graphic Gallery, SoHo, New York
2002 "Landscape of Mistake", Australian Embassy, Washington DC USA
2001 "Knot Not Know", Cristianne Nienaber Contemporary Art, New York
2000 "Recent Work", Scots Church, Sydney Australia
1998 "The Divine Mistake", Wagner Gallery, Sydney Australia
"Light to Hot to Dark", Angel Orensanz Foundation, Lower Gallery, New York
1997 "Studio Show & Auction", conducted by Sotheby's Australia, Sydney Australia
1995 "Markings" Milkwood Gallery, Sydney Australia
1993 "Overview" Whitfield Gallery, Sydney Australia
1991 "A Soulful Journey", Artburn Gallery, Sydney Australia
1989 "Apples in Disguise", Sylvester Studios, Sydney Australia
1987 "Body With Soul", Rondeau Gallery, Sydney Australia




2017 PORTAL, Soho New York
2017 TACTICAL STREAM 1 & 2, TBG, New York
2017 FREAK SHOW, TBG, New York
2016 gambette, a collaboration with Geraldine Anton. TBG, New York
2015 Visible Storage Art Bank Gallery, Australia
2014 The Phoenix, suffer New York
2013 "IT’S ABOUT YOU AND ME", ABC No Rio @ Bullet space, New York
2012 "Paper Work", GROUND ARTS Org. New York
2010 "Hamptons International Fine Art Fair", New York
2009 "Prozess", Michael Lions Weir Gallery, New York
2007 "Roving Eye", Robert Steele Gallery, New York
"Lower East Side Festival of the Arts" Theater of the New City, New York
2007 "Chelsea Artists", ART GOTHAM, Soho New York
"Lower East Side Festival of the Arts" Theater of the New City, New York
2003 "Works on Paper", Photo-graphic Gallery, Soho New York
"Lower East Side Festival of the Arts" Theater of the New City, New York
2002 "My Life My City", KIBOKO PROJECTS touring exhibition, New York & Russia
"Video Art" Museum of New Art (MONA)
"Painting As Abstraction", Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Michigan, USA
2001 "DOCUMENTA USA", Museum of New Art, Detroit, USA
"Art/Science Fusion" Sapienza University, Rome Italy
2000 "Recent Work", Scots Church, Sydney Australia
1999 "Christmas Show", Wagner Gallery, Sydney Australia
1998 "Young Art", Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne Australia
1997 "Redlands/Westpac Invitational Prize", Sydney Australia
North Shore Fine Art, Sydney Australia
1996 The Theresa Byrnes Foundation Inc Art Auction (conducted by Sotheby's Australia)
1995 "40 Emerging Artists" Tap Gallery, Sydney Australia
1993 Hilton Hotel Gallery, Sydney Australia
1992 "Tibet" Museum of Contemporary Art, Queensland Australia
1991 Bathurst Art Purchase Selected exhibition, New South Wales, Australia
1989 "Endangered Spaces", Artspace, Sydney Australia
"The Production of Optical Equivalences" EMR Gallery, Sydney Australia
1987 Ansett Golden Wing Executive & VIP Lounges, Sydney, Melbourne & Western Australia
"Women's War & Peace Art Exhibition", Pier 2 -3 Walsh Bay, Sydney Australia
1986 "Nudes", Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Sydney Australia




2017 RESULT, New York Live Arts, New York
2016 BRIDE. La Plaza. New York
2016 gambette. Collaboration with Geraldine Anton. TBG, New York
2016 The Flame. TBG, New York
2015 MUDBIRD (for film) shot by Kevin O'Hanlon, Rainer Hosch
2015 BEING TWO (for film) shot by Christopher Lynch
2014 SPARROW HEART CLOTHED, Janet Clayton Gallery &at; Syd. Australia
2013 CLOTHED, ABC No Rio &at; Bullet Space, NYC
2012 Tender, Queens council for the arts, NYC
2011 DUST TO DUST, Suffer project space, NYC
2010 THE MEASURE OF MAN, “guerilla” style, The Bowery, NYC
2010 THE MEASURE OF MAN, howl festival, NYC
2010 NEST, Wilson Street Gallery, Australia
2009 NEST, Williamsburg, New York.
2008 theresa tree, Rogue Space, New York.
2007 TRACE, HOWL Festival, New York.
2006 Fry Free, 526 W26st West Chelsea Building Rooftop, New York.
sleepstain, 526 W26st #1003 West Chelsea Building Rooftop, New York.
2004 Me Meat We War. Performed in & curated WARHORZ, HOWL Festival, New York.
2003 curator/performance, HOWL Festival Avant Garde(n) REMOVING THE VEIL, New York.
co-curated & performed La Bomb in THE NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION St Marks Church.
New York, La Bomb Photo-Graphic Gallery, Soho New York.
2002 The Flag, TBG, New York.
Emergency Empire Tompkins Square Plaza, New York.
21 Crash Tompkins Square Plaza, New York.
No Blood For Oil St Mark's Church, New York.
Opening Mary Magdalen Cabaret, St Mark's Church, New York, Curator & performance.
2001 War & Christmas, St Mark's Church, New York.




2011 - 2010 Guest writer for The London Daily Mirror art-blog
2003 Manhattan Neighborhood Network "Voices for Peace" "Emergency Empire" performance.
BBC & ABC TV performance included in Documentary by George Gittoes
2002 Short Story, Penguin Australia, Big Night Out
The Shadow newspaper. Kate Millett & The Suicide Parlour
Neighborhood Network TV, New York. "Careless" & documentary on T.Byrnes
2001 From the Mayor's Doorstep 33 (from an appropriate distance) by Piri Halasz (review New York)
1999 Australian Style
1998 Australian Art Collector, Michel Hewtac
1994 The Sydney Review, Jacques Delaruelle
Who's Who of Australian Visual Arts, DW Thorpe (in association with NAVA)




2013 IN PRESS "Performance Ritual Document" Pan Macmillan
Professor Anne Marsh, Director of Art Theory (Monash University)
2009 "Life Without Compromise" Documentary by AJAZ productions New York
2009 Featured Artist in Launch of FILMS ON ARTISTS, 5th floor gallery, NYC
2008 "Celebrating The Arsenal" video montage, screened at rogue space, NYC
2007 "Me Meat We War" a short film, Experimental Film Festival, Pioneer Theatre, New York
Play based on Theresa Byrnes, "Simplicia & the tick." Metropolitan Playhouse Theatre, NYC
Children's Theatre Art Auction, Peer gallery, New York, Christie's
2006 The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Artist Grant
2004 Theresa Byrnes portrait by Greg Weight
Collection: National Portrait Gallery, Canberra
2004 WARCHILD "Hope" Art Auction, Christie's, London U.K
2003 The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Artist Grant
2000 Relocated to New York

Autobiography, The Divine Mistake published by Pan Macmillian Australia

NSW Community Services Award, Young Australian of The Year

1998 Australia Day Ambassador
1992 Lecturer, Painting Toowoomba University, Queensland Australia
Selected for The Queen Elizabeth Trust "Future Perspective's" National Forum
Incorporated "The Theresa Byrnes Foundation Inc", raising funds for research into gene therapy
1991 Director - Paramatta's first Contemporary Art Gallery
Curator - Downing Center Show Cases, Sydney Australia
1987 Sydney College of the Arts, Visual Arts







"Byrnes' performance pieces place her amid the ranks of a purist avant-garde of artists operating at the fringe of contemporary art in America today. I say purist, because for them there are few boundaries or taboos. As part of a well-established genre of experimental performance and body art dating back to the 1960s and '70s, the Australian's shows are both fearless and confronting. Her works are contemporaneous, often attune to environmental concerns, but she also shares the sensibility of an older generation of feminist artists like the late Nancy Spero. Byrnes is a provocateur whose sometimes uncomfortable offerings are designed to provoke a reaction in her audience. And by placing her body and mind at the centre of her art she challenges her own interpretation and her own vision. It is no surprise that her work has a strong evolutionary thread. It is organic, earthy, and, like the cycle of life theme of many of her paintings, it grows. Uncompromisingly she is 'woman' channeling life, death, fear and joy, through an exposed, vulnerable human shell. It is all on the line, and that is the wonder of Byrnes' art."

Martin Newman, art critic The Daily Mirror, London

"Covered in viscous shining paint, drenched with color Theresa Byrnes body becomes the agency of a visual, spatial transformation\D1marking, splattering, stroking surrounding surfaces. The effects are fierce and luscious, extending the radical marks of Kline, Pollock, and the dimensional implications of Abstract Expressionism. These physicalized events move between aesthetic principles of painting and sculpture as space is marked and concentrated by the physical activations of her body as medium. These performative paintings challenge aesthetic conventions, which are optical, physical as well as medical, just as temporality intensifies the emotive unpredictability of these actions."

Carolee Schneemann, artist

"Theresa Byrnes' performance work is both visceral and fragile at the same time. To watch her perform is painful, poignant, and pointed. It is Yves Klein meets Chris Burden, with no one left standing. And yet, once done, something au courant haunts the memory."

Jef Bourgeau
Detroit, MONA, Museum Of New Art

Photos by Greg Weight

THERESA BYRNES    project space SUFFER    616 E 9th St (between B & C) NYC 10009    MAIL@THERESABYRNES.COM