Theresa Byrnes
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“RESULT” 2017
“BRIDE” 2016
“MUD BIRD” 2015
“BEING TWO” 2015
“CLOTHED” 2013
“TENDER” 2012
“Dust to Dust” Nov 2011
“Measure Of Man” Xmax Eve 2010
“Measure Of Man” Sept 2010
“NEST” 2009
Video Samples
“theresa tree” 2008
“TRACE” 2007
“Fry Free” 2006
“sleepstain” 2006
“MeMeatWeWar” 2004
“LA BOMB” 2003
“Flag” 2002
“Emergency Empire” 2002
“Crash 21” 2002
“No Blood for Oil” 2001
“Opening” 2001
My first performance (undocumented) was in December 2001. It was part of a multimedia arts event at St Mark's Church, WAR AND CHRISTMAS. The event, curated by Frank Morales and Bob Cooney was an attempt to give local artists a forum to express how they felt about 911. For months after September 11th 2001 I could not bring myself to paint.

I rigged up a blank, raw canvas; slides of my paintings were projected onto it. I rolled out beside the canvas/screen and threw a mix of motor oil and ink from motor oil container. Dark oil dribbled down the canvas over the projection of colorful, gestural paintings.

This started the performance aspect of my art. I felt driven to phyicalise and choreograph my thoughts and ideas after 911. My reactions and conclusions needed emotional immediacy. To write about the reverberations of the event was too cerebral, to paint it was too safe and private. I wanted to express my ideas and challenge the community directly.

Theresa Byrnes Selected Performance Art 2002-2006 DVD


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