Theresa Byrnes
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"theresa tree"

"August 2008, Rogue Studios, NYC"

Video of trees projected onto my body. I am bound cocoon-like to a plank & propped above a round pond filled with wet water-color paper. Mid way red & brown ink begins to seep through the swaddling and drip onto the paper. The sap/blood making a trace, a painting. So the contemplation is about consciousness, human and tree.

Identity Non-existence Tree / Wind Existence beyond consciousness Art / nature A mark, a trace, a shroud, a stain Theresa Tree

The contemplation on trees is for me about the origin of life/death, perhaps even the meaning or non-meaning of existence & our human irrelevance in the shadow of nature. Trees pre date mammals. If God is air (Prana), than trees are the mother of God. To me this is worth contemplation.

Duration 8 minutes Video by Kevin OÕHanlon


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