Theresa Byrnes
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“RESULT” 2017
“BRIDE” 2016
“MUD BIRD” 2015
“BEING TWO” 2015
“CLOTHED” 2013
“TENDER” 2012
“Dust to Dust” Nov 2011
“Measure Of Man” Xmax Eve 2010
“Measure Of Man” Sept 2010
“NEST” 2009
Video Samples
“theresa tree” 2008
“TRACE” 2007
“Fry Free” 2006
“sleepstain” 2006
“MeMeatWeWar” 2004
“LA BOMB” 2003
“Flag” 2002
“Emergency Empire” 2002
“Crash 21” 2002
“No Blood for Oil” 2001
“Opening” 2001

“NEST” 2009

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PHOTOS BY Rainer Hosch


Hair traces human genetics and is our rope back to the beginning of existence.
Nest is a series of paintings made from the imprint of human hair.  

Revolution toward liberty and survival is not so much found through violent or shocking change as it is in allowing the inherent and constant nature of all beings - to nest.  

The current world economy is based on ‘ home as property’ escalating to land theft so large that it warrants massacre, genocide and slavery. Law is established to protect the illusion of ownership. But no-one owns life or land, we are custodians not lords. Tenancy is just as valuable as ownership, without occupancy property crumbles - the revolution is “to nest”.  

A system of social order collapsing is a sign of evolution, a progression of the human psyche toward a more humanistic civilization. My performance is to make a nest painting with my own hair and body.


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