Theresa Byrnes
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“RESULT” 2017
“BRIDE” 2016
“MUD BIRD” 2015
“BEING TWO” 2015
“CLOTHED” 2013
“TENDER” 2012
“Dust to Dust” Nov 2011
“Measure Of Man” Xmax Eve 2010
“Measure Of Man” Sept 2010
“NEST” 2009
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“theresa tree” 2008
“TRACE” 2007
“Fry Free” 2006
“sleepstain” 2006
“MeMeatWeWar” 2004
“LA BOMB” 2003
“Flag” 2002
“Emergency Empire” 2002
“Crash 21” 2002
“No Blood for Oil” 2001
“Opening” 2001


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PHOTOS BY Rainer Hosch


Leonardo Davinci‘s anatomical drawing THE VITRUVIAN MAN heralded the age where the perfection of man was central to all things and encouraged progress and excellence in the individual and in society. The assertion of the centrality of the human soul in the order of creation is an idea I challenge.

“Progress powered by a need for comfort creates a culture where innocence becomes denial: a precursor to evil. In the belief that we own life and earth we relinquish our role as custodian of the planet. Individual existence seen as a biological right and not an honor (to be part of the diversity of species) lends to ingrained bigotry. Our civilization that rolled out from the age of enlightenment is becoming dark again. We measured time and conquered matter and now we need to refine what it means to have power and to feel central.

My performance resolves itself in the enveloping power and poetry of nature. We are nature; not separate from it or superior to it. THE MEASURE OF MAN is a contemplation of the imperfection of man and a reminder of the supremacy of nature.”


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