Theresa Byrnes
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“RESULT” 2017
“BRIDE” 2016
“MUD BIRD” 2015
“BEING TWO” 2015
“CLOTHED” 2013
“TENDER” 2012
“Dust to Dust” Nov 2011
“Measure Of Man” Xmax Eve 2010
“Measure Of Man” Sept 2010
“NEST” 2009
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“theresa tree” 2008
“TRACE” 2007
“Fry Free” 2006
“sleepstain” 2006
“MeMeatWeWar” 2004
“LA BOMB” 2003
“Flag” 2002
“Emergency Empire” 2002
“Crash 21” 2002
“No Blood for Oil” 2001
“Opening” 2001

“TENDER” 2012

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PHOTOS BY Ed Marshall


“TENDER’, a performance about money and the economy.

We see cash as cold and dead and inhuman, but it is the product of our primary human quality to balance, weigh and value and then to share, trade and sell.

Our INTRINSIC IMPULSE TO BUY & SELL brings people, communities and civilizations together and is central to the human experience.

People place money and the economy as a force unto itself and often as the enemy. But the only reason the dollar is accepted it is because we accept it.

The primary human dichotomy is that of debtor and creditor. The scale of justice is our own body. Primordial debt can be cleared by complete respect and tender care for the earth, the only true wealth.


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