Theresa Byrnes
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“RESULT” 2017
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“RESULT” 2017

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PHOTOS BY Ed Marshal


RESULT a performance by Theresa Byrnes

July 13, 2017 at LIVE ARTS NEW YORK


You have cancer! You are going to die! We must opperate immediatly! DEATH comes as a shock even though we know it’s coming. So much to let go of. Hair reprents beauty, sucsess, life & time.


Receiving or not recieving a grant. Opening the envelope feels like life or death & funding bodies have to be impartial & brutal like nature. The marks of “it’s over” are fragile.

Photography - Ed Marshal

Video - Kevin OHanlon

Assistants -Nick Broujos & Jamie Mcgann

Make up - Cathy Masae Satouchi

Curator -Brian Tate


THERESA BYRNES    project space SUFFER    616 E 9th St (between B & C) NYC 10009    MAIL@THERESABYRNES.COM