Theresa Byrnes
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“LA BOMB” 2003

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May, July and August 2003 - Photographic Gallery Soho, St Mark's Church NYC, Howl Festival NYC.

Ecofeminist Performance
Bombing the earth is rooted in hating the mother. I seek to expose the sado-masochism that makes war possible. I suggest that before we can put an end to war we must transform our relationships. I conclude that knee-jerk patriotism is equivalent to pornography and the abuse of women.

Soundtrack - S&M a man and woman fetishizing, tying up and whipping a woman.
I am brought in on stretcher wearing a full length watercolor paper, butchers apron. I am laid in the centre of the water color paper.
Soundtrack "ready to get pussy whipped?"
Man douses me and the watercolor paper with kerosene (water & kero mix poured on me out of a kerosene container).
Soundtrack - bombing.
With a brush I make gentle droplets of black ink on the surrounding paper & on myself. The ink makes like a bomb as ink explodes on the wet paper (chromatography).
Sound track - sadomasochistic sex (screaming & moaning) "Do You Want to come? What will you do if I let you come?"
I spread my legs and roll back. Man douses panties (made from water color paper) in kerosene.
Soundtrack - Hitler, political speech, in German "Do you want war?" The crowd cheers.
Ink bomb on crotch with brush (watercolor paper underpants ties on sides).
Ink explodes.
Soundtrack - America the Beautiful, The Three Tenors.
Place legs back down.
Untie panties, arch back, Man slides out panties.
Music builds.
Man and woman tie panties to flag pole beside me.
Beginning of lyrics, hoist panty flag.
10 seconds I lay staring proudly at flag.
Carried off slowly.
Music ends.

Duration: 10 minutes


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