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“RESULT” 2017
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“BEING TWO” 2015
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“Measure Of Man” Sept 2010
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“theresa tree” 2008
“TRACE” 2007
“Fry Free” 2006
“sleepstain” 2006
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“LA BOMB” 2003
“Flag” 2002
“Emergency Empire” 2002
“Crash 21” 2002
“No Blood for Oil” 2001
“Opening” 2001

“FRY FREE” 2006

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PHOTOS BY Stephen Pusey
Kevin O Hanlon
Anthony Zito


"FrY Free"

Sun baking on the America flag using motor oil as suntan oil.
(20 minutes)

act 2

The oily flag is taken away with respect, to
reveal 7 x 4 ft of white Arches (watercolor) paper beneath.
I lay on the white paper and am littered with trash / white fabric.
The paper, fabric and I are covered with water. When wetted down the strips of fabric become whip like. I stain them with ink and fling them out beside me to create stripes.
I shoot red, white and blue ink from guns (water pistols) slung around my waist.

Duration: 70 minutes

Fry Free Performative Painting


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