Theresa Byrnes
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The Weekend Australian Magazine
Saturday Aug 2, 2008
 On the brilliant spring morning of September 11, 2001, Australian artist Theresa Byrnes was in a fitness studio only several blocks away ...
"We recognised the smell instantly," she recalls, "The smell of death, incinerated bodies, asbestos and CFCs. We embraced and sobbed in each other's arms....

(One of her clients was Sixth Sense director M.Night Shyamalan)...

Look at her ink drawings from a distance and you see colour, shape and beauty - step up close and you see what could be human entrails, says Anthony Bond, head curator of international art at the Art Gallery of NSW, who opened Byrnes' exhibition Changelings at Sydney's Saatchi & Saatchi recently.
Byrnes' portraits of children - she has painted the offspring of New York's high society - have a similar haunting quality. "The eyes are unnerving," notes Boyd. "They confront you, like looking in a mirror." Explains Byrnes: "The great thing about children is they have no baggage, They have an honest, head-on gaze."

"Being a painter is about leaving your mark," she reflects. "All of us want to leave a trace of some sort to prove we existed."