Theresa Byrnes
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Madison Magazine
September, 2008

Being an artist and a painter is, for me, about bringing together the body, the intellect and the intuition

People often comment that, being physically challenged, i am brave to throw my body into such a visible arena.
But bravery or fear do not enter my mind as I am seduced by the promise of being inside art. My identity and inadequacies are redundant when my mind is on the bigger picture."

When she looks in the mirror, she sees ... the vessel through which her art is created.

I often get so involved with my work - whether its painting or writing - that I do not look in the mirror for days. When i do, I fall in love with myself. I am excited and thrilled for my physical beauty. My friends laugh at me in my joyous self-love.


I am an opportunist when it comes to experience and FA is a vehicle for squeezing out more juice.

  Madison magazine Australia pp 082, September 08