Theresa Byrnes
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TRIBES magazine
Issue 13, 2011
Interview with Theresa Byrnes
by Jon Rachmani

My whole life has been an experiment . . .
A performance almost. And I’m sharing the
experiment of how I’ve lived.
Creating freedom.
A Gathering of The
TRIBES issue 13, 2011

Tribes: In a way our liberation is also a return to the roots of experience.

Theresa: Yes. Making visual something that wasn’t visual before, creating space, is very powerful in that return.

Tribes: Do you feel like you're doing someting related to this in your autobiographical writing?

Theresa:It’s just another facet of understanding an idea. When I write about my life, my whole experience illustrates a way of thinking about culture. It’s all fodder. It’s all really sumptuous visual experiential material.

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excerpt of article with photo of theresa in oil tank