I am not nice.

suffer project space -616 E9th St Btnw B &C

Daniela mamon, Antony Zito, Tunde Adabimpe, Theresa Byrnes

I am suspicious of popularity. When I was young artist (17-20), when people constantly loved and related to my painting I began to feel like a production line worker. I have always valued being challenged more than being happy. Approval seems so stagnant and unexamined.

When I opened my storefront project space in New York’s East Village I became aware some see me as a galley director. I have nothing against gallery directors but my nature is not to please or sell but to question, contemplate and experiment with making paintings and performance art. The result — having to be selfish with time and space.

What is happening to me? I am having a group show at my project space, ‘suffer’. Being exposed as an artist and a thinker goes hand in hand with the people you keep close, most respect & enjoy in the give and take of friendship. Tunde Adebimpe, Daniela Mamon, Antony Zito are true and dear friends and artists whose work makes me laugh, makes me think and places me in the glorious moment where all creative ideas are doable.


Daniela mamon, Antony Zito, Tunde Adabimpe, Theresa Byrnes

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