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Spring @ TBG

Spring @ TBG

absraction, portrait painting, performance.

Painter and performance artist Theresa Byrnes celebrates spring 2016 with an exhibition of selected works 2005-16, commencing March 26th at TBG (Theresa Byrnes Gallery). The show comprises of Byrnes' abstract paintings, performance ephemera, and portraits. Byrnes began as a figurative painter in 1985 and dedicated herself, almost exclusively (with ocassional portraits) to abstract painting between 1998 and 2015. With abstraction, Byrnes develops ideas that she then embodies through performance. 

Works on display include; absract paintings.Byrnes frequently uses non-traditional materials feathers, hair, and earth {2012-16}. Byrnes also obsessively explores the circle as symbol {2007) and layering paper using water flow to mix and transport pigment (2005}. Videos of Byrnes’s early performances shot by Paul Garrin and Anthony Howard, and later performances shot by Kevin O’Hanlon, Christopher Lynch and Bobby Bennett all on veiw.

"Abstraction transcends the physical and aides my escape from the druthers of humanness," remarked Byrnes. For the next two years, I will exclusively paint portraits. Vibrant selections from Byrnes’ old and new portrait collection are on veiw. Commissioned works are available upon request.

Byrnes confesses “I am an abstraction addict.” As well as painting and sketching more portraits these past 6 months, I have also been doing more performance work - both are an exploration of the human spirit through the body. My abstaction is more a study of natures force.

OPEN FRI, SAT & SUN 2-7 or by appointment.

616 East 9th Street New York, New York 

Later Event: September 14
BRIDE new paintings & performance.